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Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.

Stefan Bergh

Athletic and Activities Director


The purpose of The American School of Kinshasa’s After School Activities (ASA) and Athletics programs are to provide all students with a wide range of opportunities to be involved in school-sponsored activities outside of the school day. A focus on diversity and inclusion helps us to provide the most relevant opportunities for our students, and we constantly strive to improve the quality and number of activities offered.

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Participating in athletics is an important aspect in many students’ lives. TASOK coaches aim to develop the whole child (emotionally, socially, and physically) by providing a safe environment for the student athletes to learn and develop the various skills and rules required to play a particular sport. Coaches will ensure this safe environment exists by providing effective leadership which uses positive encouragement, constructive criticism, and modeling the behaviors we wish to instill our teams.

Participating in a sport, whether it is an individual or team sport, offers a unique sense of belonging for the athlete and the opportunity to create strong bonds and a sense of community with their peers. Being on a team helps students build character and confidence by being constantly challenged in a supportive and encouraging environment. Through the development of core skills and executing them in a game situation or competition, students feel a sense of accomplishment when participating and competing on a sports team.

The TASOK sports continuum is designed to provide an authentic sports experience for every athlete. Students will be able to join a team which will be well-equipped, well coached, and that challenges students to improve their skills in appropriate ways. We achieve this through a strategic alignment of our competitive sports and PE programs, supported by collaborative partnerships with local and international schools. TASOK believes that offering a wide range of competitive and intramural sports adds value to the educational experience of the participants.

Local and International Competitions

TASOK competes in both local and international tournaments. In Kinshasa, TASOK is connected with many local an internationals schools to offer our students and teams a competitive season offering weekly games and an end-of-season tournament.

Internationally, we compete in the Southern African International Schools Association (SAISA). TASOK is proud to be a founding member of SAISA in 2019, and continues to be actively involved in the association. The purpose of SAISA is to encourage and provide quality international experiences through athletics.

SAISA members schools:

TASOK – The American School of Kinshasa, (DRC)

LIS – Luanda International School (Angola)

AISJ – American International School of Johannesburg (South Africa)

AISCT – American International School of Cape Town (South Africa)

WIS – Windhoek International School (Namibia)

ISL – International School of Lusaka (Zambia)


TASOK believes that participation in After School Activities is an integral component of holistic student development. Participation in After School Activities allows TASOK students the freedom to go beyond the classroom, to discover new and unique activities that interest them, and offers faculty and staff the opportunity to impart skills and expertise to our students in a variety of activities.

After School Activities are offered at TASOK on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays after school from 3:15 – 4:30 PM. TASOK teachers and community members volunteer their time and expertise to sponsor a variety of clubs, activities, and varsity sports each trimester in hopes that all students will find something that interests them. Most activities are free, however on occasion an organization will run an ASA and may charge a fee to students.


In addition to our Clubs and Activities, we have competitive Varsity teams. These teams compete not only in an inter-school league here in Kinshasa, but also have the opportunity to travel to international competition. In the past, our teams have traveled to such places as South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Morocco.

Trimester 1

  • Volleyball
  • Track and Field

Trimester 2

  • Basketball
  • Swimming

Trimester 3

  • Soccer

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